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#DeleteUber Revisited

Three weeks ago we looked at credit card transaction data to see if the #DeleteUber campaign was having an effect on Uber's share of ridesharing market vs. Lyft, its largest competitor. We saw that indeed, Lyft surged following Uber's bad publicity.

It seems that it's been "another day - another scandal" for Uber ever since:
On February 19th, ex-Uber engineer Susan Fowler, in a widely shared account, alleged widespread discrimination and harassment by managers and other employees to which Uber's HR department had failed to respond.

Here's an updated look at market share using our panel of transactions from over 3 million credit and debit cards.
We split the data into three segments:

  1. The week before the original #DeleteUber campaign (1/23 - 1/29)
  2. From the start of #DeleteUber until the 2/19 Susan Fowler story (1/30 - 2/19)
  3. Following the Susan Fowler story (2/20 - 2/24)

We see that Uber's PR woes continue to translate into market share gains for Lyft, whose market share grew from 16.5% to 20.9% following #DeleteUber and inched slightly higher following the Susan Fowler story to 21.3%.

Moreover, using our consumer spending analytics app, we're seeing that the decline in Uber's market share is consistent across its top four markets - New York City:

Washington DC:

Los Angeles:

and San Francisco Bay Area:

We will continue following this story and update with new data when it becomes available.

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