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Presidential Campaign Fundraising Update

This is our second post tracking the fundraising efforts for the 2016 presidential elections.

A note on the data: we are analyzing credit and debit card individual contributions directly to the two candidates' campaigns. This excludes cash and check contributions and money raised by PACs. In essence, these are the "common folk" small scale contributions.

Looking at total dollars spent, we see that after catching up in June, the Donald Trump campaign remained flat in July, while the Hillary Clinton campaign credit and debit card contributions in July by more than 20% compared to June:

While the average contribution amount remained almost the same in July for Donald Trump, the average contribution amount to the Clinton campaign decreased from about $49 in June to about $37 in July:

This means that the increase in total dollars raised is attributed to many more individual contributions. Indeed, we see that the number of people who made a contribution grew by almost 50% from June to July:

Let's look at contributions to the campaigns over the last 90 days by state, first for the Hilary Clinton campaign:

By total contribution, the District of Columbia comes in at 3rd after New York and California, reinforcing the narrative that Hillary Clinton is the candidate preferred by the political establishment.

For the Donald Trump campaign, we see that Georgia, Arizona, North Carolina and Nevada stand out as relatively large sources of contributions:

Additionally, Florida, an important swing state, is a close third in contributions to the Donald Trump campaign, while only a distant 6th for Hillary Clinton.

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