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Presidential Campaign Fundraising Update

With the major party nominees set, we used the TXN consumer spending analytics application that leverages over 3M credit and debit cards, to analyze contributions to the Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton presidential campaigns.

A note on the data: we are analyzing credit and debit card individual contributions directly to the two candidates' campaigns. This excludes cash and check contributions and money raised by PACs. In essence, these are the "common folk" small scale contributions.

Looking at the total spent month-by-month over the 6 months ending in June 2016, we are seeing the Donald Trump campaign starting very slow but beginning to catch up with Hillary Clinton:

We also see that for the same 6 months the average contribution amount is larger for the Donald Trump campaign:

That said, this difference is more than offset by the fact that the average donor to Hillary Clinton makes more contributions on average (about 3.4 per donor for Clinton vs. 1.3 per for Trump), leading to a spend per donor that's more than twice as large as contributors to the Donald Trump campaign:

We'll continue tracking the contributions using our panel of credit and debit cards in real time to provide updates on this race.

Learn more about consumer spending analytics with TXN.