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Chipotle Woes

For the past 18 months, Chipotle has been slowly recovering from an E.coli outbreak in its restaurants in November 2015: Now, it's been hit by food poisoning news again: two weeks ago multiple customers of the Sterling, VA location suffered symptoms of Norovirus after visiting the restaurant. If customers ditch Chipotle again, who is likely to benefit? The most likely competitors to benefit from a Chipotle defection are restaurants already frequented by Chiptole customers. In our panel of over 3 million credit and debit cards, here are quick-serve restaurants with the largest proportion of…

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What's on the Gym Goer's Plate?

All of us want to be healthy: eat right, exercise, you know the drill. Many join a gym: according to the IHRSA (International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association) a whopping 55 million Americans are members of a health club [1]. We were wondering if those who exercise regularly (or at least join a gym) also change their eating habits and if so - how. To find out, we used our dataset of transactions from over 3 million credit/debit cards: we looked at spending at major quick-serve restaurant chains and compared all customers to those who also spend money at one of large gym chains:…

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Delivery Apps vs. Foot Traffic

Over the last couple of years we've seen food delivery services explode in popularity: companies like Grubhub Seamless, Eat24, Postmates and DoorDash are rapidly expanding and fiercely competing to deliver your favorite food from any restaurant quickly and cheaply. The innovation of the new breed of food delivery apps is in the fact that this service is being implemented completely independently of the restaurants who actually prepare the food. This begs the question: are these services cannibalizing the restaurant's direct-to-customer business? Do people who use delivery apps just stop visi…

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