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The Attack of the Scooters

Companies providing cheap and efficient personal transportation on-demand are in the news recently: Be it raising venture capital by the truckload, drawing the ire of local governments and pedestrians, or being the new frontier in the battle of ride-sharing giants - young companies like Bird, LimeBike, Jump and more mature ones, like Scoot, are in the spotlight. All are providing some variation of an on-demand personal transportation service, each with a twist: Bird - electric razor scooters LimeBike - electric razor scooters and bicycles Jump - electric bicycles Scoot - electric mopeds A l…

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Is Uber Losing Its Loyal Riders to Lyft?

In past posts we've looked at market share changes following recent controversy involving Uber. We saw that indeed, some Uber customers switched to using Lyft. We decided to use our panel of over 3 million credit and debit cards to learn more about those "Uber defectors". For the purpose of this analysis, we looked at customers who significanty reduced their usage of Uber starting with February 2017 (#DeleteUber campaign started on January 30th) and switched to using Lyft, Uber's main competitor. We compared this segment of customers to the average Uber customer in our panel. Loc…

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#DeleteUber Revisited

Three weeks ago we looked at credit card transaction data to see if the #DeleteUber campaign was having an effect on Uber's share of ridesharing market vs. Lyft, its largest competitor. We saw that indeed, Lyft surged following Uber's bad publicity. It seems that it's been "another day - another scandal" for Uber ever since: On February 19th, ex-Uber engineer Susan Fowler, in a widely shared account, alleged widespread discrimination and harassment by managers and other employees to which Uber's HR department had failed to respond. Here's an updated look at market share using our…

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