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The Attack of the Scooters

Companies providing cheap and efficient personal transportation on-demand are in the news recently: Be it raising venture capital by the truckload, drawing the ire of local governments and pedestrians, or being the new frontier in the battle of ride-sharing giants - young companies like Bird, LimeBike, Jump and more mature ones, like Scoot, are in the spotlight. All are providing some variation of an on-demand personal transportation service, each with a twist: Bird - electric razor scooters LimeBike - electric razor scooters and bicycles Jump - electric bicycles Scoot - electric mopeds A l…

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Scoot for Food

Scoot Networks' bright red electric scooters are seen on every corner in San Francisco. Unlocked via an app, costing three bucks for thirty minutes (almost the same as a bus ride) and not requiring any special driver's license, Scoot is showing strong revenue growth this year, per the transactions from over three million credit and debit cards in the TXN consumer spending app: With hundreds of new-generation scooters on the road, usage really took off with the end of the rainy season in March. The growth came from both an increase in number of customers as more people joined... ...As we…

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