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Whole Foods Market

Scoot for Food

Scoot Networks' bright red electric scooters are seen on every corner in San Francisco. Unlocked via an app, costing three bucks for thirty minutes (almost the same as a bus ride) and not requiring any special driver's license, Scoot is showing strong revenue growth this year, per the transactions from over three million credit and debit cards in the TXN consumer spending app: With hundreds of new-generation scooters on the road, usage really took off with the end of the rainy season in March. The growth came from both an increase in number of customers as more people joined... ...As we…

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Amazon and Whole Foods - Eat Your Kale and Have It Delivered Too?

The announcement that Amazon is buying Whole Foods Market for $13 billion took the grocery retail world, indeed the entire brick-and-mortar retail world, by storm. Competitors' stock prices plummeted and analysts scrambled to make sense of the deal. We used the TXN spending analytics software leveraging over 3 million credit and debit card accounts, to get some insight on the Amazon-Whole Foods acquisition. Customer Base When looking at grocery store spend in the cohort of Amazon Prime members, Whole Foods tops the list with 33.3% of the cohort also spending at Whole Foods in the last 12 mo…

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Who is Stealing Customers from Whole Foods?

After a decade of explosive expansion, Whole Foods Markets has recently been stagnating. According to a report, as major grocers like Wal-Mart and Kroger ramp up their organic produce offerings and new competitors like ALDI and Lidl are entering the market, Whole Foods is losing customers. We looked at our panel of transactions from over 3 million payment cards to detect which grocers are capturing customers who abandon Whole Foods. We decided to look at the group of consumers who spent a significant amount (at least $300) at Whole Foods in the first half of 2016 and then spent much less ($1…

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Apple Pay on the Rise

Apple launched its mobile payment service in October 2014 and today it is available on many of its devices: phones, tablets and watches. We looked at our panel of transactions from over 3 million payment cards to learn more about the adoption of Apple Pay by consumers. For some of the card issuing banks, we are able to distinguish payments made with Apple Pay from other payments. Overall, Apple Pay usage has been growing steadily over the last year (2016): The number of monthly Apple Pay transactions grew by 50% between 12/2015 and 12/2016 . We also looked at what merchants attracted the…

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