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When we started TXN last year, it was with the vision of arming merchants with competitive and market intelligence to remove the guesswork from business decisions. We knew that if we could see a consumer's spending end-to-end, we would be able to answer questions that have plagued merchants since the earliest days of business:

How is your business trending vs. your competitors, market-by-market and demographic-by-demographic?

What share of total wallet are you really capturing?

Where else are your customers spending money?

At TXN (short for "transaction"), we've amassed a unique research panel in which our consumers have connected their credit and debit cards to our system, allowing us to aggregate millions of transactions across all types of merchants. With our end-to-end view of the consumer wallet, our web application is helping merchants of all kinds -- and their agencies -- better understand their customers, their competitors, and their partners.

On our blog, we'll be sharing interesting insights we unearth from our ever-growing panel data, touching on trends in various industries and with various rivalries. These are the same industry and business trends our client are unearthing from our application. It might get a little nerdy but we hope that you’ll enjoy reading as much as we love researching.

Analytically yours,
Co-founder and CEO, TXN Solutions

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